IT Asset Management Foundation (ITAMF.EN) is a certification that validates a professional's knowledge on managing the IT assets as part of an organization's strategy, compliance and risk management. The content covered by the certification is based upon the philosophy of ITAMOrg, a membership organization and thought leader in IT Asset Management. The certificate IT Asset Management Foundation is part of the EXIN ITAMOrg qualification program and has been developed in cooperation with international experts in the field. This workbook will help you prepare for the IT Asset Management Foundation (ITAMF.EN) exam and provides you with an overview of the four key areas of IT Asset Management: Hardware Asset Management, including "mobile devices"; Software Asset Management; Services & Cloud Asset Management and People & Information Asset Management, including "Bring Your Own Device". The exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions with a pass mark of 65%. In this workbook, you will find several sample multiple choice questions, and to help increase your knowledge about IT Asset Management we have also included so-called "get it" questions. You will find these questions at the end of each chapter. The exam requirements are specified at the beginning of each chapter, and the weight of the different exam topics is expressed as a percentage of the total.

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