22 Talk SHIFTs

2 - 4 Weken

Tools to Build Better Bosses-and Become One¿ Strained and estranged relationships are everywhere in business. Salespeople are frustrated by the finance people, customer service and operations people are frustrated by salespeople, and everyone is frustrated by the IT people. It's time to shift the conversation. In 22 Talk SHIFTs, you'll discover unconventional, sometimes counter-intuitive communication techniques that can make your year, or your career. You'll learn how to: Increase employee engagement, leadership communication, and growth Become a better partner, parent, and boss using these 10 statements Speak like an emotional Einstein Lead people to their solutions, not yours Cultivate connection, compassion, and commitment at work and home Talk SHIFTs create great teams-but here's the bonus-they also create great families. These practical tools include fill-in-the-blank phrases, powerful questions, and provocative exercises that can break the cycle of strained communication and strained relationships. The Talk SHIFTs are the result of Krister Ungerböck's real-world experience leading teams in languages and building businesses on 5 continents. Learn language changes that make a big difference-in business, partnership, and life.

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