A Dream Within a Dream

2 - 4 Weken

Invisible to the man she loves, Reeve Lennox fights to reclaim him from a dark world. As her wedding day nears in Acarsaid, her betrothed Arden offers only his wayward soul and saucy tongue. At night she desperately tries to reach Bran, the young soldier of nightmarish Tenebris who holds her heart. However, her king insists that the realms of Tenebris and Acarsaid must remain separate, lest the evil wizard Rancore brutally conquer all. But the dark magic of Tenebris defies mere distance. A war is coming, one only Reeve may be able to prevent, if she can reunite her family on opposing sides. With two kingdoms at stake, Reeve must discover her strength and her family's legacy before all is lost. Yet righting the wrongs of the past may require the sacrifice of her truest love.

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  • : Kristina Mahr
  • : Uncommon Universes Press
  • : 9781948896177
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 312
  • : maart 2019
  • : 531
  • : 216 x 140 x 21 mm.
  • : Dreamworld Duology
  • : Kinderen / tieners: fictie: fantasy; Leeftijdscategorie: vanaf ca. 12 jaar