A Righteous Killing

2 - 4 Weken

Never discount the power of a Barbarian Princess. If there ever was such a creature. The wild lands of the northeast have a desperate need for a hero. Cassandra has somehow become that person. Now that she's established herself, trouble is erupting out of every dark crevice in the land. From waylaying monsters to undead infestations, trouble is fierce and needs many swords to drive it out. But when the demigod tyrant Cassandra defied sends assassins as payback, will it prove too much for the Princess and her two barbarian followers? And what is now stirring in the depths of the fortress where she makes her home? Tighten your saddles and keep your sword loose in your scabbard as you join Cassandra in the fierce and fantastic world of Skharr DeathEater, where a woman's fiery soul can thwart even the gods and change the course of history. "In every person there is a bit of barbarian waiting to be unleashed. A moment when one must decide what one is willing to accept. Death, defeat, or allow one's carnal rage to take control and consequences be damned." - Skharr DeathEater

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