Blessed with Energy

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Energy Medicine What is it? Is there any science to it? What does God say about it? This book uses a trinity of proofeasy-to-understand scientific explanation, scriptural support for the concepts, and life experiencesto explain how and why energy medicine works. By replacing fears and misconceptions about energy medicine with the truth about the human energy field, you will gain a greater understanding of your own created potential. Understanding how vibrational frequencies affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health will bring into conscious awareness the unseen forces that shape your health. This book will shift your paradigm about your ability to impact your health issues, energy level, and quality of life. When science and faith confirm each other, you are free to step into the powerful healing abilities of your own innate creationand use energy medicine to help facilitate that healing.

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  • : Balboa Press
  • : Balboa Press
  • ISBN : 9781504395328
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 158
  • : maart 2018
  • : 218
  • : 139 x 215 x 14 mm.
  • : Reiki