Breaking Free

Breaking Free is the sequel to the author's crime novel Getting Even: Revenge Is Best Served Cold. Livia Morrison was taken against her will, but finally breaks free. She takes all Harry's money, sells his flat, and escapes to the United Arab Emirates, where women alone are frowned upon, so she knows she can't stay there forever.Three years later, Livia travels to a small community in North Wales, where she hopes she can leave her past buried and live a quiet life unnoticed. Then her problems really begin. Livia knows she is being stalked, but keeping the intruder out of her home is proving impossible.Then the mysterious telephone calls come. Were they of an earlier era? Livia doesn't want to remember her early life and has locked it away in the depths of her mind. But the voice on the phone is making her remember things she never realised she knew.There are too many unanswered questions. How does the garden stay so perfect? It's the height of summer, yet outside it's autumn and the leaves are beginning to fall. Then she finds the seafarer's chest in the attic ...Pat McDonald lives in a rural part of the Midlands, United Kingdom. She wrote Breaking Free because she wanted to know what happened to her character in her previous book Getting Even: Revenge Is Best Served Cold. "I visited Caernarfon Castle where the museum of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers is based and where the ghostly end of my historical element came to me."Publisher's website:

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  • ISBN : 9781681812632
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 366
  • : oktober 2015
  • : 546
  • : 154 x 229 x 27 mm.
  • : Misdaad en mysteriefictie; Thriller / spannende fictie