Chemical Addiction & Family Members
  • Engels
  • 116

This small book is for all those noble souls who have endured the trials and tribulations of being family members of an addict or alcoholic and have continued to love them. It is offered as a lifeline so that family members can survive the struggle and even thrive in spite of it. This book explains chemical addiction and its traumatic effects on family members, but mostly it shows family members how to successfully navigate the challenges they face. Family members need help to heal just as much as their addicts/alcoholics do because chemical addiction is a family disease. The insight that drives this small book is the same as the insight that drives the recovery of every addict/alcoholic: If you work a program, it works for you. It will not be easy, but in the end all can be well.

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  • ISBN : 9781504967648
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 116
  • : december 2015
  • : 132
  • : 203 x 127 x 7 mm.
  • : Familie en relaties: advies en kwesties