Christianity Is Jewish

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Description: Edith Schaeffer lovingly encourages Christians to embrace the Jewishness of their faith. When the early church repudiated its Jewish roots, the New Testament became disconnected from its Hebraic foundations in the Old Testament. Edith Schaeffer presents a most convincing case for an unbreakable continuity in the flow of history from Genesis to Revelation. Her book reveals the thread of redemption in its Jewish context and Christianity as a grafted vine rooted in Judaism. The reader will hardly be able to miss the conclusion that the Christian gospel built on the foundation of the prophets and of the apostles is entirely Jewish. We live in a time when Christians and Jews are confused about their true identity and mutual calling to each other. This book deserves a re-edition at a time of unrelenting persistence of anti-Semitism, when much of the world turns their backs on Israel and the Jews. The global community of nations risks abandoning its Judeo-Christian heritage. This book's simple message may be what is needed to open the eyes of the Church to what Christianity owes to the Jews: gratitude, love, and the knowledge of their Jewish Messiah as the true Passover Lamb. About the Contributor(s): Edith Schaeffer is the author of more than 15 books, including L'Abri (1969), Hidden Art (1971), Everybody Can Know (1973), A Way of Seeing (1977), Affliction (1978), The Tapestry, a biography of her family (1981), and Forever Music (1986). She lives today with members of her family in Gryon, Switzerland.

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