Climbing Mt. Whitney

2 - 4 Weken

People travel from all over the world to stand on the summit of Mt. Whitney the highest point in the contiguous United States. Miles of rugged granitic terrain, blue-green lakes, and impressive ridges are just some of the awesome vistas awaiting those who make it to the top. Peter Croft, winner of the American Alpine Club's Underhill Award for outstanding achievement in mountaineering, has updated this new edition for every level of climber: how to get the most out of your conditioning; prepping for overnight trips; day hiking the main Whitney Trail; the North Fork approach; Whitney from other passes; cross-country routes; and challenging technical routes for advanced climbers. Glen Dawson, who made the first ascent of Whitney's East Face in 1931 with Norman Clyde's party and at the age of 102 in 2014 is the last surviving member of that climb, describes the climb. Over the years, many have contributed to Climbing Mt. Whitney first published in 1960, by La Siesta Press publisher, Walt Wheelock: Tom Condon, Andy Zdon, Marty Lewis, Andy Selters, John Moynier, Dee Molenaar, Ruth Daly and coauthor, Wynne Benti. Written and published in the Eastern Sierra, since its first publication a half-century ago, Climbing Mt. Whitney has sold more copies than any other guide to the peak, standing on its own merits as the best Whitney trail guide of all time. Approved by the USFS.

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