Dan Jorgensen

3 - 5 Werkdagen

Dan is a civilian since he has retired from the military, as has Grace. Dan retired as a General of the Army, a General with five stars and Grace retired as a Brigadier General, a general with one star. As a civilian teacher, Dan would not be teaching ROTC cadets or CID candidates and he would not be wearing an Army uniform, except on certain occasions. Dan still carries a weapon, or weapons, for self preservation, even if the pistols he carries were concealed. Dan and Grace have been called to the white House by President Ford. President Ford told Dan, "We, myself, the Secretary of Defense and each of the chiefs of staff for all of the military branches, have received a threat to destroy our defensive capability The FBI, the CID, NSA, and the CIA have not been able to locate this organization and neutralize it. You are our best hope. So, Dan is back in the saddle again to fight against internal treason. Dan and his family will be separated for some time with Dan being declared dead. Dan is again placed into further investigation Into treason and intrigue. And the military establishment of Canada is involved this time. Can Dan and his family survive this problem?

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