Data Driven Business Transformation - How to Disrupt, Innovate and Stay Ahead of the Competition

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OPTIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS DATA FOR FIRST-CLASS RESULTS Data Driven Business Transformation illustrates how to find the secrets to fast adaptation and disruptive origination hidden in your data and how to use them to capture market share. Digitalisation - or the Digital Revolution - was the first step in an evolving process of analysis and improvement in the operations and administration of commerce. The popular author team of Caroline Carruthers and Peter Jackson, two global leaders in data transformation and education, pick up the conversation here at the next evolutionary step where data from these digital systems generates value, and really use data science to produce tangible results. Optimise the performance of your company through data-driven processes by: * Following step-by-step guidance for transitioning your company in the real world to run on a data-enabled business model * Mastering a versatile set of data principles powerful enough to produce transformative results at any stage of a business's development * Winning over the hearts of your employees and influencing a cultural shift to a data-enabled business * Reading first-hand stories from today's thought leaders who are shaping data transformation at their companies Enable your company's data to lift profits with Data Driven Business Transformation.

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  • : Peter Jackson, Caroline Carruthers
  • : John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • : 9781119543152
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 288
  • : april 2019
  • : 542
  • : 162 x 236 x 18 mm.
  • : Bedrijfseconometrie; Kennismanagement; Onderzoeksmanagement en ontwikkelingsmanagement; Organisatiekunde en gedrag; Toegepaste wiskunde