Dorm Room to Millionaire

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Dorm Room To Millionaire is written by a guy who is real, raw, authentic, and tells it how it really is. Alex Morton, who's labeled the leading authority for Millennial Momentum Creation, showcases the exact strategies he's used to go from a broke college kid getting kicked out of the dorms and business school, to earning over $2,500,000] at 26 years old. Alex led a sales organization of 15,000+ reps that produced over $40,000,000 in sales, in 4 years. He also has coached and developed 21 others to achieving 6 figure incomes. If you're one of the select few who are serious about massive success, this book will 10x everything for you. Most Entrepreneurs struggle with a lack of vision, don't set the right type of goals, aren't laser focused, and don't live up to their full potential. Alex shows you the fastest and most effective ways to think much bigger much sooner, attract the success you desire, focus on what's important, how to explode your business into the rapid growing millennial market, build championship teams, develop rockstar leadership, and helps you manifest your dreams into your reality. We guarantee you this is one of the only books you'll ever need to win big as an Entrepreneur. It will assist you in obtaining quantum leaps with your results as an entrepreneur and will help you grow as a person. The majority of people merely talk about success instead of going out there and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. We want you to stop crawling and start sprinting towards success. You are God's highest form of creation capable of anything and everything. Stop playing small. It's time to change your freaking life. Dorm Room To Millionaire will take you from where you are, to where you're destined to be.

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