Dyslexia Outside-the-Box

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Dyslexia Outside-the-Boxis a best-selling book which provides a balanced perspective showing how a dyslexic child's challenges are directly connected to the flip-side strengths of their brain's unique wiring. It helps you understand the mind of a child with dyslexia and explains what's going on in their outside-the-box brain in a way that can help you make them feel much better about themselves. This book brings together evidenced-based information about dyslexia and organizes it in an easy-to-understand format for anyone who knows and wants to support someone with dyslexia. It breaks down the many aspects of dyslexia and offers solutions that have the "whole person" in mind, showing how these children whose brains are delightfully wired differently can thrive, not just survive. The insights into reading, spelling, and writing challenges are accompanied by strategies for helping outside-the-box learners succeed in school. It's filled with fun and easy suggestions, tips, and teaching ideas, and, best of all, encouragement for parents and teachers of dyslexic students. It's a valuable resource for parents to use when conveying their children's struggles and strengths to educators and professionals who work with them. The extensive appendices are like talking to a friend and getting advice. They help you navigate the maze of accommodations used to help level the playing field, remediation options, and additional challenges that often co-exist with dyslexia. They equip parents for the integral role they play in helping their child succeed by demystifying some of the terminology that schools, medical professionals, and legislation use in regard to dyslexia and providing practical ways parents can help at home. You'll want to refer back to these appendices over and over again for multisensory ideas, high-frequency spelling patterns, resource recommendations, and much more. Beth Ellen Nash's extensive experience and upbeat message shine through for parents seeking understandable, no-nonsense guidance that can really make a difference by offering help, hope, and a way forward! It's time the world learns to appreciate the many talents dyslexics bring to the world; author Beth Ellen Nash helps open that box!

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