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Death rears its ugly head everywhere and at all times, in all sorts of situations and under many kinds of circumstances and for a myriad of reasons, affecting people in surprising ways, but eventually coming for everyone no matter their station in life. But why do we find their demises encoded in the Five Books of Moses? What is it about a sacred text of 304,805 Hebrew letters that enables it to hold the whole history of humankind and encoded within it the specific circumstances under which particular people have died or are going to die? Connected to the types of events listed in this book are found the names of those who died in instances of those particular events, except in part 6 where only the historical political facts are found encoded, since the deaths of those named were not searched for in the Torah, but might be in a future book. The Jewish people gave the world the Eternal Book of Books, the original text of which, the Torah, is used here to explore some of what might be hidden in it. The Bible Codes Plus computer program used also contains the original text of the larger Tanach, Books outside the Five Books of Moses, which also can be searched for hidden, encoded names and terms. The Tanach is made of the Torah, the Navi'im (Prophets), and Chetuvim (Writings)-all making up the Hebrew Bible, what Christians call the Old Testament.

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