Farm Seasons

2 - 4 Weken

Farm Seasons is a story about growing up on a small dairy farm in Waterford, CT in the middle of the 20th century. The author tells what life was like back then, for his family and friends, during farming and during their non-farm hours. During this time, the farm was run by his father and his uncle who directed the daily activities of family members, one hired hand, and numerous local youths. The farm started in 1872 and went out of business in 1972, 100 years later. The author also contrasts life on their farm against what current-day farms might experience. As the title suggests, farm activities vary as the year progresses. While milking, milk processing, and milk delivery happen each day throughout the year, many other activities differ from season to season. These differences are described in detail and it is suggested that these differences are similar if not identical to modern-day farms. The reader will become familiar with sites seen as they drive around this country, in fact, any dairy farming country. It's an easy read for any level reader, and most enjoyable.

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