Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living
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"As the demand for her teaching increased, Dr. Bloodworth prepared a series of lessons for instruction by correspondence to ease her crowded schedule. This useful idea now becomes a welcome answer to those who are asking to see more of her writing. These lessons, which were intended to fill a definite need for those who wished to be included in her classes, are now available to meet a present demand. "The tenor of Dr. Bloodworth's life was a harmonious reflection of the philosophy she taught. Since service marked the path she walked, the following excerpt has been selected because of the relationship it has to this most unselfish phase of her character. These words, which she has written, call attention to both an attitude that she embraced, and an approach to life which she practiced." Dr. Venice J. Bloodworth held a doctorate in psychology from Northwestern University, Chicago. Her life's work centered on helping other's live happier lives through psychology and the power of positive thinking.

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  • : februari 2012
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