Golf Basics for Beginners

2 - 4 Weken

Golf enthusiast and avid player, Aaron Knight, has written Golf Basics for Beginners to help novice players understand the history, the terminology and distinction that makes this sport unlike any other. Golf requires its own coded language and etiquette that you must understand and follow if you want to be respectful of the game and fellow golfers. A few of the golfing fundamentals you'll learn include: o Golf terminology o Golf etiquette o Selection and Care of Golfing equipment o Training tips to improve your game Not sure what club to use and when? Knight covers the purpose of each club and explains when to use a particular club. Once you understand your clubs, let's get down to hitting the ball! Knight covers how to perfect your grip, stance, your swing and putting tips. Golf Basics for Beginners is geared for new players to better understand the game and feel more confident when they tee up for a friendly round amongst friends.

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