Healing Chronic Candida Cookbook

2 - 4 Weken

This companion piece to Cynthia Perkins' Healing Chronic Candida features over 100 recipes to use in conjunction with her holistic approach to battling candida. Chronic candida is an invisible epidemic in our society today that is lacking a complete and effective health care regimen. Millions of people are suffering unwittingly with this condition as it may be an underlying contributor to numerous gastrointestinal disturbances, mental health conditions, neurological disorders, impaired cognitive or learning functions, antisocial behavior and conduct disorders, autoimmunity, addiction, inflammation, genitourinary, metabolic and endocrine system disorders, and much more. Holistic health counselor Cynthia Perkins has diligently researched the topic for nearly three decades and presents her findings in this groundbreaking book.

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