In Stillness

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When we look at a breathtaking sunset, we see an array of colors: deep reds, light pinks, vibrant oranges, and soft purples. We notice how these colors blend together-how one color ends as another begins. Within this mix of light-filled beauty, we appreciate wisps of floating clouds ... the sun aglow with fire.

At first we are captivated by the striking colors-the outline of the clouds-the peacefulness of the moment. In time, though, we come to sense something deeper. We begin to feel an intimate connection with the universe.

In Stillness is a short story about a teenage girl who experiences a spiritual awakening while studying her reflection in a stream. Upon returning home, she shares her experience with her father and speaks invitingly of oneness, of feeling love in the present moment, and of seeing beauty in everything.

With identical father-daughter and mother-son versions, In Stillness brings the reader back to the present moment through vivid descriptive narratives and joyful insights. Like a peaceful meditation, it is best read slowly and may be revisited many times.

Inspired by hundreds of spiritual conversations the author has had with his own daughter and son, In Stillness reminds us that our children are not only our greatest gifts but also our greatest teachers.

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  • : Archway Publishing
  • : Archway Publishing
  • ISBN : 9781480838925
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 124
  • : december 2016
  • : 352
  • : 160 x 237 x 17 mm.
  • : Met betrekking tot religieuze groepen; Religieuze en spirituele fictie