Introduction to 22 Kinds of Dances
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Anyone can learn to dance! This simple and logical system really works. Harold Bob Jones spent thousands of dollars and countless hours over more than six decades learning to dance in studios, clubs, organizations, college courses, and cruise ships with many different instructors, including world-champion dancers. After his experiences, he set out to find a faster, easier, more efficient, and more effective way to teach and learn how to do many different types of dances. Jones has tried out his method on hundreds of students in many countries. It was so effective, many of his students are now using the method to teach others themselves. About the Author Harold Bob Jones is a world traveler who has lived and worked in eight countries and visited 214! He has studied twelve languages and studied many kinds of dances on six continents and danced on all seven continents, including Antarctica! Jones has retired to his native Oklahoma, where he works part-time running a fitness center and will gladly teach dance to anyone who wants to learn.

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