June Seventh

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Sitting on the airplane, going over all of the events that had occurred in the last few months, was extremely disheartening. My life was deteriorating. I was getting ready to get off this flight and move back in with my vindictive mother. The flight lasted two hours and twenty-five minutes, and I was in agony. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. I hadn't slept in months because I didn't want to relive my traumatic experience. My beautiful bright brown eyes were lackluster. I wanted to have a breakdown on the plane, but I didn't want the man sitting next to me to think I was demented. The pilot announced, "We will be landing in New York in fifteen minutes."

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  • : Balboa Press
  • : Balboa Press
  • : 9781504341165
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 146
  • : oktober 2015
  • : 348
  • : 148 x 224 x 19 mm.
  • : Fictie: algemeen en literair