Justice Denied

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The world has been inundated with horror stories about what the Germans did during the last century, but most Americans know little about what was done to the Germans or to German Americans. In Justice Denied, author Dr. Joe Wendel offers a complete picture to the story about how Germans and German Americans were treated. Presenting a balanced portrayal of history, Wendel discusses the destruction and the unconditional surrender of Germany and details many personal and emotional accounts about the mistreatment, the terror, the mass murder, the starvation blockade, the expulsions of millions of ethnic Germans, and the raping of thousands of German women by the occupying forces. Justice Denied gives us a wide-ranging history of Germany and German Americans, with a focus on providing insights into the two twentieth-century world wars from the viewpoint of a German American who lived in Austria during World War II. It offers compelling facts, interpretations, and points of view unfamiliar to most Americans, including the personal stories of German Americans sent to interment camps in World War II.

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  • : Wendel
  • : Archway Publishing
  • ISBN : 9781480852792
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 538
  • : oktober 2017
  • : 939
  • : 229 x 152 x 33 mm.
  • : Duitsland; Europese geschiedenis