Khi Has Fun at Home

2 - 4 Weken

Khi wakes up ready to play! He wants to play with his friends and go to the park. He wants to sing songs and learn new things at school. There are so many exciting things Khi wants to do ... but he can't. Khi has to stay home. It's not all bad, though. Mom and Dad have ideas to make Khi's day fun. They use pots and pans and pretend to be in a rock band. They use markers, crayons, and paint to make masterpieces. They build a fort and dance until Khi realizes staying at home isn't so bad after all. In the midst of a pandemic, both children and adults are faced with a new reality. Families navigate the tough task of keeping kids occupied during stay-at-home orders, but despite crisis, creativity can bring people together. With the help of Khi and his parents, children might think of a few new things to do while staying healthy and safe.

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