Life, Soul & Love

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The key connectors in all relationships are life, soul, and love. If the soul detaches from life, life ends. And when love departs from the soul, the soul is empty. The soul keeps pain like a prick from a thorn, aching for that love that has departed. Why does the soul feel the pain? Well, because the soul never dies. Once the body dies, then the only thing that remains is the soul. That is the reason why we as human beings have the responsibility of not hurting anyone?s soul. That is why when we are really in love, we are to connect soul to soul. Love means to give and trust another soul with your heart and to connect and care unconditionally. Some relationships seem very strong because they have these principles?truth, love, and honesty. These principles in a relationship are attractive. And sometimes, when a relationship comes to an end, it catches numerous people by surprise. It is not because they break up for the same principles, but at times, these principles are what are left in the relationships when the feelings fade away. When there?s no truth, love, and honesty in the relationship, it weakens. As the wind blows, it blows away everything with it. And once the wind stops blowing, you realize that there?s nothing behind.

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