Lifestorming is your practical handbook for becoming the person you want to be! Within these pages you will discover what it takes to redesign your life, friends, behaviors, and beliefs in order to move closer to your goals every single day. This book offers no quick-fix answer to a profound personal transformation, but change will happen once you become willing to be guided by expert insight and deep introspection. While change is not easy, it is possible, and that's what Lifestorming offers. Lifestorming is the product of veteran authors and acclaimed executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith and Alan Weiss, who together have a combined output of nearly 100 books on human behavior.

This down-to-earth guide will help you learn not only why you do things the way you do them, but also how to do them better. You will discover a new way to think about your goals why you chose them, how you can achieve them, and (critically) how they can evolve over time to reflect your changing priorities.

Once you take The Lifestorming Test, you will assess your current state in concrete terms, and determine your ability to change and adapt. Then you can purposefully identify the people, actions, habits, and beliefs that either support your personal and professional growth or hold you back from reaching your goals. Goldsmith and Weiss outline the six building blocks of character that will help you to challenge your belief system, develop a leadership mindset, and overcome the stumbling blocks that keep you from success. You'll map out an action plan, and learn how to continually move forward at work, at home, and in everyday life.

We often don't realize how much of our natural default is established by others. Whose goals are you working toward? Are you measuring your progress with the correct yardstick? Lifestorming helps keep your power in your own hands by taking a step back and comparing your life today with the future you want. This essential guide shows you how to build a plan for changing track toward constant evolution and growth.

Lifestorming combines the efforts of two outstanding coaches who draw on their extensive knowledge in a way that can help almost anyone who has a sincere desire to achieve lasting, positive change in behavior.

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