Luxury Retail and Digital Management, Second Edition - Developing Customer Experience in a Digital World

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The luxury sector has undergone major changes in the years since the first edition of Luxury Retail and Digital Management was published. The luxury customer is no longer the same -- the millennials are now shaping the market and influencing other generations. Millennials currently represent nearly half of luxury buyers, generating 85% of the growth in the luxury market. To succeed in this new environment, luxury brands must first understand the behaviour and expectations of this new driving force. Today's luxury customers do not simply consume a product, they live an experience. They choose luxury as a way of expressing their identity, seeking brands that form relationships around their passions. Brick-and-mortar stores and Internet boutiques are more than sales points, they are places where luxury clients live the story.

Authors Michel Chevalier and Michel Gutsatz have extensively revised this new edition to address the challenges faced by luxury brands, the evolution of the luxury customer, and the digital transformation of the luxury marketplace. The book examines the new omnichannel luxury business model, in which the customer is placed at the heart of communication and distribution channels, and discusses rebuilding marketing and customer relations in the age of digitalisation. This comprehensive, practical resource covers every critical aspect of the management of luxury sales outlets, including distribution models, store concepts, integrating offline and online businesses, hiring, training, and motivating staff, and much more.

At the heart of any retail business is the customer. This book delves into how brands can place the customer at the center of their approach and their organisation, how to build loyalty, and how to maintain the highest level of service both offline and online. Answering all the questions that luxury brands have today, and offering insights on what could happen in the future, Luxury Retail and Digital Management is an invaluable resource for executives, managers, marketers, and retail staff working in the luxury sector.

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