Muhammad (Saw): 1001 Universal Appreciations and Interfaith Understanding and Peace
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The book uncovers the truth about Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) and explains the reasons for misunderstanding between Islam and the West. It also highlights the prophet's characteristics and teachings. Every individual belongs to one class which is 'humankind' a policy which the Muslims should uphold.

Based on the perceptions of non-Muslims, the book uncovers the truth about the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), clarifies the reasons for misunderstanding between Islam and the West and highlights the prophetic teachings which help to build unity and peace amongst interfaith communities. Data was collected by reviewing appreciations of Muhammad (SAW) made by non-Muslims across the history and also conducting semi-structured interviews involving contemporary non-Muslim prominent personalities including MPs, Lords, and priests from interfaith communities and chaplaincies of some leading universities. The combination of qualitative and quantitative approaches has contributed in revealing the reality and establishing interfaith understanding.

About Dr. Lais - Having developed a career as a Career Adviser providing advice and guidance to students in education, and also achieved a PhD degree which brought me a' National Research Award', I have got a keen interest in research as well. I have been involved in many studies conducted by universities including Imperial College, University College London and Oxford University. Noticing a literature gap of this topic, I became motivated in conducting a self-funded research and this book is its outcome.

Keywords: Prophet, Muhammad, Honesty, Simplicity, Patience, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Care, Compassion, Unity

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  • : 9781622875641
  • : Engels
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  • : 466
  • : maart 2014
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  • : Islamitische heilige teksten; Politiek en overheid; Religieuze onverdraagzaamheid, vervolging en conflict; Vredestudies en conflictoplossing