New Mom Thoughts

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Are you a new mom with way too many thoughts in your head? Want a quick and easy way to record memories as a first time mom? Need a way to get all of your REAL thoughts out without feeling judged? Then this is the journal for you! The New Mom Thoughts Keepsake Journal is the perfect option for new moms who need a little self care. This journal will help you process all the many new mommy thoughts and feelings swirling around in your head. With 52 thought-provoking questions, this journal will help you highlight your first year as a mom. So much of your day is focused on your baby, so now it's time to focus on you! This book gives you a safe space to store all the thoughts that cross new mommy minds between diaper changes and late-night feedings. Whether you feel like you're the "perfect" picture of motherhood or doing this whole mom thing "wrong", this journal is for you. Whatever your thoughts may be, journaling helps to process your mom truths without shame or judgment. Quickly and easily capture all of your emotions during this messy, hectic, and yet still amazing time. Some days are perfectly blissful and others are filled with constant chaos. Either way, embrace the beauty of motherhood so that you can look back on this time to realize just how strong you were...and still are. If you're a new mom with lots of thoughts, this is the perfect book for you! Each of the 52 journal prompts will help you to take a moment to stop and think about your new mom journey. Buy this journal and have a place for all of your real new mom thoughts!

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