Plato's the Republic

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Plato's "The Republic" is a Socratic dialogue written sometime around 380 BC concerning the definition of justice and the order and character of the just city and the just man. It is Plato's best-known work and has proven to be one of the most intellectually and historically influential works of philosophy and political theory. Highly regarded as one of the most accurate renderings of Plato's Republic that has yet been published, this widely acclaimed work is the first strictly literal translation of a timeless classic. This Special Collector's Edition includes a new introduction by Prof. Colin Kant, PH.D, a noted Platonian and Socratic scholar. This beautifully typeset edition is set in 12pt Garamond, a larger, classier and easier to read font. REVIEWS: "The central work of one of the West's greatest philosophers, The Republic of Plato is a masterpiece of insight and feeling, the finest of the Socratic dialogues, and one of the great books of Western culture." - Library Journal "This translation captures the dramatic realism, poetic beauty, intellectual vitality, and emotional power of Plato at the height of his powers. " - New York Times "Easily navigated by both the college student as well as the armchair philosopher, this special edition of Plato's Republic deserves high marks for both readability and literary excellence." - Publisher's Weekly

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  • : Benjamin Jowett
  • : NMD Books
  • : 9781936828524
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  • : december 2010
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