Quit Your Job or Die
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Quit Your Job or Die is a mind and heart opening journey that will change how you look at how you live your life. You will discover: • Why most people sacrifice their dreams & potential for a false sense of security. • How having a job is a leading cause of divorce, teen drug use, and even death. • That having control over your income and your life is not nearly as hard as we have been led to believe and how EVERYONE can be self-employed. You don't have to go to bed thinking, "Is this all my life is?" You don't have to sacrifice your dreams and "get real" once you realize "real" is whatever you want it to be. Josh Tolley will explain why self-employment is the only way to gain freedom and the only way to pull the global economy out of tough times. Over the past decade Josh has been helping people from coast to coast realize they were capable of so much more. Now it's your turn. Don't die wondering what your life could have been… Read this book!

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  • : 9781609101725
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  • : mei 2010
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