Scientists Get Dressed

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"You don't have to be in a white coat in a lab to be engaging in science or engineering--you can achieve whatever you want to in these fields."--Adrian McCallum, glaciologist, meteorologist, oceanographer, polar engineer, adventure STEM advocate

"While the scientists in the book include pioneers in their fields and environmental heroes, Scientists Get Dressed captures the important fact that scientists work everywhere, and are everyday people children might encounter. The scientists' dedication and enjoyment of their work is unmistakable in the book's photos, many never published before."--Christine Royce, author, "Teaching Through Trade Books" column in Science and Children--National Science Teachers Association

Stunning and engaging "you are there" photos and fun-fact filled text let young readers discover how scientists suit up, gown up, gear up, even dress up in costume to do their jobs. Through the unique lens of what scientists wear, young readers (and listeners) meet real scientists and learn about the challenges they face to make new discoveries, save lives and save our planet.

"Starting with Mae Jemison on the cover, Rose puts an unusually diverse gallery of researchers on the figurative runway...An eye-opening catalog of STEM wear."--Kirkus Reviews

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  • : Deborah Lee Rose
  • : Persnickety Press
  • : 9781943978489
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 48
  • : augustus 2019
  • : 544
  • : 257 x 254 x 13 mm.
  • : Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: gesteente, weer en natuur