Sentinel: A Spycatcher Novel
  • Engels
  • 416

CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, receives a cryptic message from an agent operating deep undercover in Russia: He has betrayed us and wants to go to war. Unable to make contact, the Director of Operations is forced to turn to one of his most deadly field officers--Will Cochrane. His mission: infiltrate the remote submarine base in eastern Russia, locate the agent operating under the codename Svelte, and decode his message--or die trying.

It's a near-impossible task--even for a man who carries the codename Spartan, a title given to the most effective Western intelligence officers. Will successfully locates the base but finds Svelte near death, his last words a final clue: Only Sentinel can stop him. Now it's up to Will to uncover the true meaning of Svelte's message . . . and discover the identity of the legendary operative known only as Sentinel. An unforgettable, enthralling espionage thriller, written by a real-life former agent.

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  • : 9780062037947
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 416
  • : maart 2013
  • : 227
  • : 188 x 104 x 28 mm.
  • : Spycatcher Novels
  • : Spionagethriller