Southland Academy for Supernatural Youth

2 - 4 Weken

Someone, or something, is causing trouble at Southland Academy for Supernatural Youth, aka SASY. Random items turn up missing from SASY. Things start to go missing from students' rooms, and no one knows who is doing it or why it's happening. When Vlad's valuable family ring goes missing and Devlin overhears the culprit, the six friends decide to follow the clues left behind. Meet Vlad, the son of the world's most famous vampire, who is accident prone and has a serious aversion to blood. Devlin, the werewolf shifter who can't figure out how to fully shift. Lily, the daughter of the most well-respected warlock, whose nervous stutter causes spells to backfire on her. Amber, the ferret shifter who has a new pet that isn't all it seems. Fiona, the quick-witted snow owl shifter and Sakana, the black-tip shark shifter, who also pitch in along the way. Adding to the mystery, Lily's new familiar, Sheeba, a hairless cat with a sassy attitude, always seems to disappear at the wrong times. Could her sudden appearance in Lily's life have something to do with the missing items? As they help each other to gain better control of their abilities, can they also find the culprit and return the lost items before it's too late? Enjoy this comedic paranormal academy book, perfect for lower middle grade students.

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