Study of Route Building Algorithms Using Multiple Moving Devices
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Academic Paper from the year 2017 in the subject Geography / Earth Science - Demographics, Urban Management, Planning, University of Duisburg-Essen, language: English, abstract: These article researches different aspects of monorail transportation industrial system. After the carrying out of the scientific research with the aim to consider the most suitable and widespread algorithms, to compare different path finding approaches and to build autonomic algorithm for optimal navigation with low-powered system, in which devices coupled with help of wireless connection and to choose computational resources keeping system reliable and efficient. The described in the article research considers: solution to overcome signal decay in wireless connection, prevention of collision between moving carts, deadlock problem solution, computation efforts minimization, study of ways to build a system so that the operator is not required to have good technical skill, the robustness and continuance communication aspect and the efficient use of the energy aspect. Routing algorithm based on writable RFID transponders presented. The technically equipped and up to dated industrial areas must satisfy the need in constant efficiency improvement and continual decreasing costs with the goal to stay competitive amount the other existing in the market space companies. To ensure more efficient human resources use through saving time and attempts of the working staffs in the big industrial areas. The ultralight Electro Monorail System (uEMS) project under professor Noche from University Duisburg-Essen and professor Künne from Dortmund Technical University supervising was suggested. The ultralight Electro Monorail System intended to transfer objects weighing up to 20 kg in big industrial areas. As a part of the projects aims, the uEMS system straggles to solve robustness and continuance communication, the optimal route calculation and built, the obstacles overcome, the deadlock prevention, the efficient use of the energy, the quick cooperation between the two or more moving units in the logistic system, system self-diagnostic, the automatic recover and rollback, the automatic real time typical error detection and the correction of system critical errors problems

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