Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Life Purpose and Karma Through Astrology

2 - 4 Weken


Have you lived before? If so, what talents and challenges have you brought with you, and what is the focus of your current lifetime? Astrology can provide answers to these questions, and that is just what Gina Lake does in Symbols of the Soul. With your birth chart and this book, you will learn from Saturn, the Moon's Nodes, the Sun and Moon signs, and your aspects how karma is manifesting in your life.

This book gives you the keys to understanding:
-- The Moon's nodes, which describe your life purpose and the roadblocks to your destiny
-- Saturn's influence in the houses and signs, which describes your fears, weaknesses, and past-life issues
-- The 12th House and its connection to karmic debts in the chart, with examples
-- How the signs evolve over our many lifetimes and why we choose to be born with certain signs in our chart
-- A step-by-step approach to finding chart themes and synthesizing the information

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