The Book of Enoch

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The apocryphal Book of Enoch, suppressed by the Church and then lost for many centuries, is believed to have been written in the first century or earlier. This edition-translated by British biblical scholar R. H. CHARLES (1855-1931) and first published in 1917-tells the story of the fallen angels, who appeal to Enoch the Prophet, great-grandson of Noah, to speak with God on their behalf after He banishes them from heaven. Enoch travels to heaven, describing what he sees there in detail, and speaks with the angels and ponders their nature. The book, in its original Hebrew or Aramaic, is believed to have influenced the writers of the New Testament, and while not considered canonical scripture, its apocalyptic themes continue to be highly influential today in modern popular Christian End Times fantasy, such as the Left Behind series. Students of the Bible who wish to explore related texts and those interested in foundational apocalyptic literature will find this book essential reading.

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