The Chained Man
  • Engels
  • 242

In the tradition of the old Ace Doubles (flip the book over to read the second title), here's the sixteenth Wildside Mystery Double: THE CHAINED MAN: CLASSIC CRIME STORIES, by Gerald Verner. Criminologist Trevor Lowe and his secretary, accompanied by Inspector Shadgold, are traveling by train to spend Christmas with a friend. Disaster overtakes them when heavy snow halts the train at a remote station. They're disconcerted to find that there's only one place in the area to spend the night--an isolated pub called "The Chained Man." It's been shunned by the locals ever since someone was murdered there five years earlier. But they have no choice, and walk a mile in the snow to find the inn. And then, when they get settled for the night, the murders begin... Five classic British crime stories by a master storyteller! THE CHAINED MAN: A MR. BUDD CLASSIC CRIME TALE, by Gerald Verner. Solicitor Larry Graham drives to the remote home of his gravely ill client, Benjamin Starl. But when's he shown into Starl's bedroom, he discovers that the dying man has been stabbed to death. And then there's a sharp knock at the front door. Superintendent Budd from Scotland Yard walks in, demanding to know the identity of the freshly-strangled man lying on the steps outside! Another classic crime story in this continuing series.

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  • : 9781479400751
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 242
  • : april 2013
  • : 378
  • : 231 x 154 x 21 mm.
  • : Misdaad en mysterie: politieserie