The Encrypted Book of Passwords
  • Engels
  • 132

A password journal with a major difference! An alphabetized storage solution for over 500 separate account, username and password details, using one or more secret keys to help keep the password information secure, even if the book itself is accessed or stolen. Some people re-use the same password across many different online accounts. For security reasons, this is highly dangerous and inadvisable. This is because, if any cyber criminal steals your username and password information from one place, one of the first things they usually do is to try those same details in many other online services. Writing your passwords down is usually fraught with risks. 'The Encrypted Book of Passwords' helps you to store your passwords more securely in a physical format that you can read but others will find hard to break. This book is designed by a leading security expert and author of 'Cybersecurity for Beginners'.

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  • : 9781911452003
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 132
  • : mei 2016
  • : 226
  • : 153 x 227 x 14 mm.
  • : Online veiligheid en gedrag; Privacybescherming, gegevensbescherming