The Great Martian War: America in Flames

After the failure of their first scouting expedition to England in 1900, the Martians regrouped, developed means to deal with the deadly Earthly microorganisms, and landed again in 1908. Not just in one location, but all over the world. Their transport cylinders fell on every continent and in great number. Only England and Europe were spared this time. The first three books in the Great Martian War series dealt with the invasion in America. The Gathering Storm expands the narrative to Australia, Africa, and the Near East. The year is 1912 and the Martians have planned a vast coordinated offensive to link up their scattered conquests and assemble a force so powerful that nothing can resist it. The danger this poses causes the humans to work together as never before. Coordinated by Winston Churchill, First Lord of the British Admiralty, the Australians, British, French, Germans, and a score of other nations band together to resist the gathering storm. The Great Martian War series is a combination of Science Fiction, Alternate History, and Steampunk. Filled with fascinating historical figures and packed with ingenious, but realistic, devices and weapons, it is a story of people locked in a desperate war of survival with strange and implacable aliens.

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  • : Scott Washburn
  • : Zmok Books
  • : 9781945430589
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 700
  • : juli 2018
  • : 726
  • : 229 x 152 x 51 mm.
  • : Great Martian War
  • : Alternatieve geschiedenis fictie