The History of Breifne O'Reilly
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Here is a tale of wit and wisdom, of bravery and betrayal, of courage and cowardice, of forgotten heroes and notorious traitors. Here is the story of Clan O'Reilly down through the ages. Written by the noted hstorian, Dr. J. J. O'Reilly, this book tells the story of the O'Reilly clan over many centuries. Here are the dark tales of how the O'Reillys wrested their freedom in the 13th century from their O'Rourke overlords. Here are the lost stories of how the O'Reillys became Irish lords and ruled the kingdom of Breifne. Here are the heart-rending remembrances of how the O'Reillys were conquered and crushed by the cruel Cromwell. Descended from native O'Reilly stock in the ancient clan capital of Cavan, Dr. O'Reilly spent years researching and writing this loving account of one of Ireland's most famous familites. The chapters are rich with history, awash with facts and strung together with enough legends to make any reader happy. Amply illustrated with photos by the author, this is the first time that this important book has been offered to an international audience. If you are an O'Reilly, you can't bear to be without it. Even if you're not an O'Reilly, we'll let you read it anyway!

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  • : 9781590481059
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 184
  • : november 2001
  • : 295
  • : 216 x 138 x 14 mm.
  • : Europese geschiedenis; Ierland