The Homicide Manifesto

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The Homicide Manifesto is a testament of Cpt. Jose 'Pepi' Granado's (Ret.) many years of service within the law enforcement community, especially his insights as an investigator and supervisor of various Homicide Units. It's meant to be used as a guide for new investigators, supervisors, students majoring in Criminal Justice, Law, or a University's curriculum. Additionally, this book is a source of information that can augment any in-service training provided by law enforcement agencies nationally or globally. Individual investigators who desire to investigate violent crimes, attorneys, or citizens can use this book to garner better perspectives of how investigations should be conducted. As a Criminal Investigations Division Captain, Cpt. Granado realized the lack of training investigators and supervisors receive. Therefore, this book is his way of providing knowledge to future generations of investigators, supervisors, and students in order for them to understand the importance of thoroughness and preparedness. "Attack the Castle."

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