The Keep of the Lich Lord
  • Engels
  • 222

Return to the Fabled Lands... Fabled Lands Quests are a series of single-quest interactive gamebooks that you can play as standalone adventures or as part of your ongoing Fabled Lands campaign. Originally published as part of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks series, The Keep of the Lich Lord is back in print after twenty years in a completely revised edition with new rules, a new introduction, a host of extras, and all-new sections that make it now a part of the Fabled Lands world. * * * Lord Mortis has risen! Clawing his way back from the grave, the Lich Lord has once again set his sights on conquest. Allying himself with the Reavers of the Unnumbered Isles, he threatens to bring the northern kingdoms under the cruel dominion of his undead armies. They have already taken Bloodrise Keep, a key point in the defence of the islands, and soon nothing will stand between Mortis and the ultimate victory of the zombie horde. A cunning and fearless adventurer is needed for a vital mission to enter Bloodrise Keep and overthrow the evil Lich Lord - an adventurer like you!

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  • ISBN : 9781909905214
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 222
  • : oktober 2014
  • : 234
  • : 126 x 205 x 11 mm.
  • : Rollenspelen, oorlogsspellen en fantasiesporten