The Lost Art of Sacrifice: How to Carry Your Cross with Grace

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Jesus taught that if we are to call ourselves Christians, we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow him. But what does denying ourselves look like? How exactly must we carry our cross? And what does He mean when He says we must lose my life in order to save it?

In these pages, Vicki Burbach explains that while Christ's words are challenging, he isn't asking us to pick up our cross because he is vindictive or twisted, nor because He wants to see us suffer. It's because sacrifice is the greatest manifestation of love, and He created our souls in order to love and be loved.

In our materialistic and secular world, we have lost the art of sacrifice - an art that connects us with the very root of our souls. That's why this book is so vitally important today.

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  • : Sophia
  • ISBN : 9781622826360
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  • : februari 2021
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