The Not-So-Intelligent Designer

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Why do men's testicles hang outside the body? Why does our appendix sometimes explode and kill us? And who does the Designer like better, anyway--us or squid? These and other questions are addressed in The Not-So-Intelligent Designer: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not. Dr. Abby Hafer argues that the human body has many faulty design features that would never have been the choice of an intelligent creator. She also points out that there are other animals that got better body parts, which makes the Designer look a bit strange; discusses the history and politics of Intelligent Design and creationism; reveals animals that shouldn't exist according to Intelligent Design; and disposes of the idea of irreducible complexity. Her points are illustrated with pictures, wit, and erudition. ""Where has this book been all my life? This work by Dr. Hafer systematically overturns the arguments of the intelligent design movement with wit and plain language. As a pastor, I appreciate Hafer's contribution to clarity in our public discourse, both scientific and political. Her intention may be to restore science to its rightful place, but she has also done the faith community a favor, liberating it from a silly and unnecessary controversy."" --Julia Tipton Rendon, Crossroads United Church of Christ, Indianola, IA ""For an adequate account of the world, we must take a sober look at life as it really is. Hafer shows that things are a whole lot messier and makeshift than what some intelligent design theories would incline us to believe. This book has the potential not only to alter the political terrain in wars over evolution and creationism but also to prompt believers like me to rethink how we should talk about God as Creator."" --Thomas Jay Oord, author of Divine Grace and Emerging Creation ""I've been dreaming of a politically edgy treatment of intelligent design and here it is at last. Abby Hafer is acutely intelligent and wonderfully witty. Read this book and laugh your way to clarity and wisdom."" --Wesley J. Wildman, Boston University, Boston, MA ""Three cheers for Abby Hafer! She did it and no one thought it could be done! She wrote a devastating critique of intelligent design that is clear, funny, scientifically accurate, and charming. Her book is a marvel of how popular science should be written. Oh, were there more scientific writers like Abby . . . "" --Michael Martin, Boston University, Boston, MA ""A delightful exploration of the quirks of our bodies that make biology so much fun, evolution so fascinating, life so explicable, and intelligent design creationism so preposterous."" --Steven Pinker, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA ""The Not-So-Intelligent Designer is a much-needed work in an America where anti-intellectualism is rampant and, shockingly, even candidates for high office frequently reject evolution. Abby Hafer has that rare ability to communicate complex scientific ideas in understandable terms for non-scientists, and this book is sure to enlighten many."" --David Niose, author of Fighting Back the Right ""Hafer's book is a valuable contribution to debunking the claims of intelligent design and the notion of one or more gods intervening in the physics and biology of the real world. She writes in an engaging style that entertains as well as informs. I enthusiastically recommend it."" --Ellery Schempp, Brown University, Providence, RI ""Intelligent design creationism is a dangerously successful political ideology--they've passed laws, co-opted high school teachers, and nearly half the population identifies as creationist. The Not So Intelligent Designer is a guidebook on how intelligent design fails, from unintelligently designed testes to intelligent design's unconstitutional religious agenda.""...

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  • : Abby Hafer
  • : Cascade Books
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  • : november 2015
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