The Orchestra Conductor's Secret to Health & Long Life: Conducting and Other Easy Things to Do to Feel Better, Keep Fit, Lose Weight, Increase Energy,

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A Simple Fitness Program that' s Music to Your Years A study conducted by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company shows that orchestra conductors live 38 percent longer than the general population. The reason is simple-- conducting is good cardiovascular exercise. In this book, Dr. Dale Anderson has adapted the conducting motion into a fun and easy upper-body fitness program that will help you:
  • Strengthen heart and lungs
  • Improve posture, flexibility, and balance
  • Reduce pain and stress
  • Lose weight
  • Feel better by raising your endorphin level
Anyone can benefit from this breakthrough technique-- a great alternative to full-body workouts that doesn' t require special equipment or a lot of time. The Orchestra Conductor' s Secret to Health and Long Life also includes other innovative health advice, supplemental exercises, and suggested music to conduct to.

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  • : januari 1997
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