The Transforming Power of Story

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This book demonstrates, through multiple true life stories, how sharing one's story, especially in a group setting, can bring hope to listeners and healing to the one who shares. As Christians believe that "history" is "His story," we also believe that the smaller personal stories of our lives contribute to the larger story of God's grace and healing power throughout history and beyond. Designed for group use, individuals facing difficulties will find this book greatly encouraging. Any reader will find it inspirational. Praise For The Transforming Power Of Story: "Dr. Elaine Eng is a remarkable woman with an incredible story and personal ministry. She has been an inspiration tome for as long as I have known her. Her book will inspire you, bring tears of joy to your eyes, and longing to your heart, and reinforce your love for our wonderful Savior. Dr. Eng is a living, walking testimony to God's grace and power through human frailty. Her life and her stories show poignantly how He can use any circumstance for His glory." -Diane Passno, Sr. Vice President, Focus on the Family "It was a 'not to put down' book and every minute I could find free, I read it. People of all walks of life and persuasions of faith will find their own stories come alive in those of the contributors." -Mary Jane Jewell, RN "The Transforming Power of Story not only talks about why our stories are so important to share, but it also demonstrates this fact through each story recounted in this book. Through the exercises at the end of each chapter, this ground-breaking book gives opportunity for each reader to reflect on his or her life story in ways that give the just-read story practical application in the reader's life. A great job. A great read. A potentially life changing book." -Ruth E. Van Reken, author

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  • : Healthy Life Press
  • : Healthy Life Press
  • ISBN : 9781939267429
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 201
  • : december 2013
  • : 318
  • : 213 x 137 x 18 mm.
  • : Christelijk leven en gewoontes; Met betrekking tot christenen en christelijke groepen