Think Like a Banker
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We have been taught that when we spend ONE DOLLAR, we get one use out of it. It buys food. It pays a bill. But once it leaves your hands, it's gone. ITS USE IS SPENT! Today more people are worried about their retirement than ever before. Part of the fault is from being told you must give up the use of your money when you are young, so you can have it later. It can't be touched, and you are told this is good advice. What you are not told about is the bigger issue: The average Canadian pays out $0.34 of every dollar earned as an interest expense, consuming more of their income than anything else! What if those dollars could flow back to you? This book will teach you how your ONE DOLLAR can have multiple uses - simply by moving it through an asset that you own and control. Like your smart phone today that serves multiple purposes - your daily information source, your email, your GPS, your camera, your iPod, and practically your everything else - so your dollars must serve multiple purposes. "It sounds too good to be true. Why doesn't everyone do this? Why haven't I heard this before?", these are always the first reactions I hear. "How is this possible? How can my money compound while using it to pay down my mortgage faster? WHY IS TAKING A LOAN BETTER THAN PAYING CASH?" The answers will surprise you. Most of us have been taught since we were kids growing up that we should avoid debt and pay cash as much as possible. But have you ever stopped to consider the financial impact of paying cash? When you pay cash, you lose the interest that money could have earned for you. You are giving up what Albert Einstein is credited with saying, the "eighth wonder of the world", compound interest. But what if you could somehow earn interest on all the money you use when paying cash - for the rest of your life? How would that advance your wealth creating potential? What if there was a way you could buy the things you want and still earn interest on the money you used, and still have control over it? Will Moran, MA, HBA, CLU, is the founder and owner of Moran Financial Inc. and Wealth Economics. Most Canadians are growing tired of traditional planning models that are costing them way too much, restricting them way too much, and causing them to lose control of their money. Will challenges the status quo, to cultivate a mindset where one dollar can do many jobs, where there is abundance as opposed to scarcity, and where, in the end, you discover a whole new financial world that works for you rather than against you.

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