Thinking Outside the Box

2 - 4 Weken

Goalkeepers have their own little style. Each one will exhibit some kind of flare to her skills. The important part is that the base technique is consistent across the board for all goalkeepers. With a few ittle tweeks here and there, you can get your goalkeeper to a level of play that will make her and your team successful. Sometimes to fix a echnique requires trying an alternative in teaching or "outside the box" thinking for drills and techniques to make that minor tweek. n this book you will learn how to fix your goalkeeper's skill by using hings around your house, or breaking down a skill enough that your goalkeeper will have confidence when she needs to put it all together. This book was put together from years of coaching and years of thinkng of drills and approaches "outside of the box" for all types of goalkeepers. You can use these ideas on any skilled goalkeeper. With some hard work and "outside the box" thinking you will arm your goalkeeper with the skills to succeed. Are you ready to get to work?

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