Transfiguring Luther

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Luther's theology and practice have inspired and continue to inspire so many across confessional and even religious alignments worldwide, or else excite those for whom he displays a coveted, untamed audacity in living out convictions; it is the fabric, the texture that makes Luther a figura with the capability of being transfigured. Luther's theology--his view of language and understanding of creation, incarnation, the cross; his affirmation of freedom from ecclesial, economic, and/or political encroachments; his eschatology, and so forth--is seen in a new light in societies in which modernization does not necessarily mean secularization and the spirit is not set in dual opposition to things material. The dispute as to whether Luther is a late medieval theologian or a beacon of modernity is rendered largely superfluous when the Reformer is read and interpreted in contexts that do not share the peculiar cultural and political history of Europe, its orthodoxies, its pietisms, its enlightenments, and its secularisms. Transfiguring Luther lifts up and presents the significance of the Reformer--his figure as it is transfigured into diverse contexts, absorbing new contents instead of the traditional bastions that are remarkably in tune with the spirit of the Reformation, thus rekindling it. ""With one foot planted firmly in his Brazilian homeland and another in his place of instruction, the United States, Westhelle is well equipped to capitalize on forty years of engaging Luther's thought in order to challenge readers around the globe to join him in transfiguring Luther's insights into how God works in Jesus Christ to liberate sinners for a life of freedom in love and service. Like Luther, Westhelle puts the divine gift of human language to use, catching the clear, sharp tones of Luther's reading of Scripture and communicating them in a way that effectively bridges cultural and chronological divides to bring Luther's witness to life today. A significant ecumenical appeal for delivering the biblical message of new life in Christ in the spectrum of our global society."" --Robert Kolb, Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis ""There are more images of Martin Luther than years that have passed since the reformation in 1517. Transfiguring ones are scarce, though. Moving with Luther and Westhelle beyond the traditional Western paradigm and into new religious, political, economic, and cultural contexts is not only an intellectual exercise. Neither is it just an experience in applied and refined postcolonial method. It is an existential journey that fits the desire born out of the brokenness of life in a broken world. This book is definitely worth the reading effort!"" --Antje Jackelen, Archbishop of Sweden Vitor Westhelle is professor of Systematic Theology at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and the chair of Luther Research at Faculdades EST, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil. He is a gifted teacher with the soul of a poet adept at playing different keys of the theological ivories. A well-known author and internationally sought-out speaker, Westhelle's writings on Luther, liberation, creation, the apocalyptic, postcolonialism, hybridity, and eschatology are widely acclaimed.

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