Understanding the Heart

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The human heart is a source of love, but it is often also a source of pain and suffering, and cannot be effectively cured with medicine or by medical remedies (...) The best and most effective way to heal the pain and suffering is to understand our hearts and minds, and the hearts and minds of others. Understanding The Heart is a book that helps readers do just that: understand and heal the pain and suffering of our own hearts and minds and of those around us, so that everyone can live in happiness and with loving-kindness. With this book, I wish you much happiness so that you will never have to live with a broken or wounded heart. -Professor Tran Van Khe, Ph.D, Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris, France; Corresponding Member of the European Academy of the Sciences, Letters and Arts

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  • : Authorhouse Uk
  • : Authorhouse Uk
  • : 9781467001427
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 296
  • : februari 2012
  • : 446
  • : 152 x 228 x 23 mm.
  • : Assertiviteit, motivatie, zelfvertrouwen en positieve geesteshouding